It'a starting to get pretty over whelming,I'm getting close too finishing college and started new shift. My kids having hard time getting on track. And the company that I am with was just bought out from another company. Stressfull!! I feel like Im just I dunno.How can I slow done jus lil and take care of everything on timely manner and without breaking down?


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Nina - posted on 05/23/2009




Schedule schedule schedule! That has helped me in my life. I had my children on a schedule from day one. Even now 9pm the kids are sleep, sometimes before 9pm. LOL Mine are 16yrs and 10yrs old. The 9pm is for me to have a moment for me even if I just watch TV until whenever its time for me to collect myself, my mind and prepare for the next day. You cant be Super Mom at all times you have to stop because if you dont your body will stop for you and you dont want that. Truely you are doing a wonderful thing for you and your kids. Just talk to them and tell them Mommy is human and she can get tired I need a break to recollect myself. That is what I tell my kids I need to be Nina for right now so I can be Super Mommy tomorrow after i get some rest! LOL then they say mom are you Nina right now or Mommy! I laugh so hard at them! I agree with Missy Smith! Pray Pray Pray and think about the long haul of it when re recollect! Peace and Blessing.

User - posted on 05/22/2009




its difficult as a single mom there is no time out for us especially like u whose trying to finish college to make a better life for ur kids, breaking down is maybe but getting back up when broken down is a MUST. Giving up is never but being able to stick to ur goal and accomplish it is all the rewards, it would get easier with time, finishing college means better job, better salary and achieving new goals. getting them on track is difficult but with determination,and alot of patience that we need to pray for it will work out dont give up it is never the answer

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