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Naledi - posted on 10/25/2010




Truely speaking I feel so sorry for you Sumegha, Eventhough I dont know excatly why you want to divorce but I have a feeling that indeed you are tired of that marrige.I suggest that you may see the social workers big sister, for sure they can help you.

Amber - posted on 10/23/2010




Find your job before you file for the divorce. This way you have that as a way of getting into a place. Most places, at least in Illinois where I'm at, won't rent to you unless you have a job or some sort of steady income. Even if it's a job in fast food for the time being until you can find better, any money you can save up until you move would be great! As far as a lawyer goes, you don't need one to file for a divorce and not having one will save you a good amount of money. Most states handle child custody and child support, etc, separately from the divorce. That you will need a lawyer for even if you and your husband agree on everything. The only reason I say this is (because you can do it without a lawyer) is just in case somebody wants to try to go back on the agreement, they can't without taking it to court because it'll be on paper and you'll have a mediator to help the two of you talk it out responsibly and rationally. I think that ran my ex husband (he agreed to pay for everything to file for our stuff) $1,00-$2,000 to file the papers and us to take it to court and that was with both of us already having our agreements drawn up. Costs vary from state to state though. There are programs that can help you with daycare, medical and food until you get fully on your feet...check into your states local Department of Human Services for all of that kind of stuff. I'm not a religious person but there are also church groups that can and will help you out and can point you in the right directions to finding the information you need. Best of luck to you hun!

Christina - posted on 10/22/2010




If you really want out, you can do it. No matter what. My ex-husband put me in a situation 19mnths ago that caused me to pack up my four children and LEAVE within hours! I had no job (I had been a stay at home mom for years!), nowhere to live, and no income at all. We moved 1400 miles away and I started our lives over. We couch surfed for months until I got enough money to get an apartment for us. It was hard, but our lives are better and we are happy.

[deleted account]

First -if you are being abused, call the local battered woman's shelter! they will be able to assist you!
If you are not being abused, look in the phone book for the offices of the local bar association - call them for a reccomendation for a family law lawyer.
Most lawyers will offer a free, or low cost, consultation. I would reccomend consulting at least two or three lawyers. find one that you feel comfortable with.

As to doing it all on your own, yes you can do it, yes it will be difficult. your lawyer should be able to hook you up with the appropriate social services also.

User - posted on 10/21/2010




Generally speaking there is a lot of help that your city will offer. You just have to search for the help. It is a BIG decision to get a divorice and if it is unrepairable ( really think about trying to repair it before jumping to the divorce) it is better to seperate than have a child grow up in a unhappy home. As a single Mother yes you can do it on your own. It wont be easy bu it can and is done evryday by millions of parents. The father will have to pay child support and chances are he may also have to pay alimony ( spousal support). So, with your job and support from ex and other government assistance you will be able to make ends meet. It will not be easy but you can do it.
Whatever and wherever life leads you good luck!

Mechelle - posted on 10/21/2010




Best thing you can do is get your ducks in a row before you leave your husband. Find a job keep this job save money asmuch as u can. And if your husband makes more than u, ucansee if the judge will have ur husband pay attorney fees. My attorney had this done and my ex husband had to pay half my attorney fees. Good Luck with everything. And rememberu can handle this on your own if he doesnt help u single mothers are the strongest people i know

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