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I have 3 kids and I have some problems with the middle child. She was hurt terribly by our divorce and now have some behaviour problems at school. What do i do? I have tried everything I can think of but nothing helps. She feels like the odd one out and that everyone blames her for everyhing....


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Middle kids are the peacemakers in the family and probably feels responsible for the divorce, because they couldn't fix it. You need to keep discussing the kids are not responsible in any way for what a parent does, and nothing they can do influences a parents decision to bail out of a marriage. If it continues talk to her school.

Rebecca - posted on 04/20/2009




My child has never been in this situation, but I do know that the middle child always has problems feeling left out. I also have three kids and my middle son was having alot of anxiety just going to school. Have you met with the school counselor or psychologist? They might be able to give you some advice. Talk w/ her. Maybe she needs more of your time. Have a special day were it is just you & her. Not sure how old your other two are but my son felt like he was competing for attention. I always felt like I gave all three kids enough attention. I guess some need more of your attention than others. Hope this helps.

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