Kids have 2 different personalities because of having to see their dad on weekends

Dejanaeve - posted on 09/13/2018 ( 1 mom has responded )




My ex and I have been separated since Feb 2017 and living separately. There is a court order in place so visitation is Friday at 630p until Sunday at 730p. I see my kids change into these totally different people when Friday comes and worse when they come home. I am stricter and there is rules and routine here but at their dads his parenting is to be their buddy. Kids are allowed to do and say whatever they want. There is a lot of rude talking between siblings and also back talk to their dad. He parents by ignoring them mainly then suddenly doing things with them then withdrawling again. THey are left to entertain themselves mostly. My son has an obsession with guns and is allowed to play violent video games. If he is taken from the video games he attacks his dad. My daughter is completely shut off. She has this hard shell and attitude so if her dad says mean things or her brother it just bounces off of her with her I dont care attitude. These attitudes with my kids are coming back home with them and I am struggling with trying to help them get back to how they normally are. I get no support from him. Its a game to him in regards to who gets to be the nice parent. Im not interested in the nice parent or the buddy. Im their mom and thats how it is. Kids are in counselling to help as well. Their dad has been reported to child services 5x for physical and emotional abuse but all 5 cases were closed. Child services are useless. If I choose to take the kids for a weekend Im forced to hand the kids over to their dad for a week for evenings where he puts them to bed at midnight and wakes them at 6am to get them back home. Its hurting them. Im trying to see a lawyer to change a lot of this but currently my hands are tied. I dont know how to help keep my kids poor attitudes and acting out down.

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