lazy 20 year old

Nancy M - posted on 10/03/2015 ( 5 moms have responded )




He will not clean his mess! He leaves dirty clothes, dishes, cigarette butts in sink, he's a poor student! What can I do?


Susan - posted on 05/23/2017




Nancy, I'm curious, did your son ever 'get it together's?? I have the same problem with my 20 year old son; his Dad and I decided school was not the place for him, as he was just going to school to socialize with friends and buy drugs. In 2015, he overdosed atleast 4 times, we would have him convinced to see and talk with a therapist, he would just argue with them, and then walk out!! He has been very depressed, and says he gets anxiety attacks when he goes anywhere! He has gone to our family doctor and was given anti depression pills, something for anxiety and sleeping pills because he has a really hard time getting some sleep, (may have something to do with playing computer games all day and night)!! For the last 2 years, he WILL NOT get a job, help around the house, do yard work, clean his room, including picking up the pile of dirty laundry on the floor in his room!! He could care less that his Dad and I both have health issues, I get so angry with him, I have to leave the room!! A certain person doesn't think we should take his phone away, but the he gets upset when his bill is almost two hundred dollars!! We live in one of the largest cities in Canada, and I think it would be a mistake to put a suicidal 20 year old out on the streets! But I'm getting sick and tired of his constant whining about there's nothing to eat, or his demands for money for cigarettes, haircuts, to go out to eat with his friends, and his constant lies while putting one parent against the other!!!


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