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My 6 year olds father walked when I was 32 weeks. Never told anyone I was pregnant. Never went to court when ordered. Has never seen his son. I just had to reach out to his teenage child's mother (only coz he would not answer my attempt) to inquire on family health issues her son may have as my son has been sick. They are not together in over ten years, she's married. She never knew her son had this half little brother. She was very accommodating with answers and in her own shock was still so welcoming. She would like to let them meet. I'm afraid this will cause my soj to question why his father would have one but not the other. Also, my fiance has been daddy since my son was 3 months old. He doesn't know he's not his real father. A truth I would never with hold. He would have learned by ten or so. So he will have his own questions any way and may want to know his big brother. So it was evident it will eventually come about anyway. So what do I do know. I didn't know my half brother till I was 10 and half sister till I was 35. She died two years later. I never let her in. I can't be responsiable for that to my own son like what was don't to me. How do I safely do this . He's 6?


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Sarah - posted on 02/23/2017




Life can be messy but that doesn't have to make this a negative situation. You don't have to explain why bio-dad is not in the picture. You simply tell your son that he could not be his daddy when he was born and how lucky he is to have the father he knows. I agree that meeting his siblings would be a bonus for him as well. Families come in all shapes and sizes and having more family to love is something to celebrate.

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You just need to tell him that "daddy" is not his real father and that his bio dad is his real dad. He should have been told from the time he would be able to have started to talk. As for seeing his half sibling....why not?

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