Men and trophy children

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I wonder if this is only me who thinks this way. I see a lot of men who view thier children as Trophy children when they are babies. They like to just show them off and gloat about being the bio dad but really do not do any of the work and walked out on child and mother. I feel that these only want the best of both worlds. They want to be the father but only when convenient and when it looks good for/on them. It's annoying. It pisses me off. They use the child as a way to make them look good. grrrr....anyone else know what I am sayin???


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I know exactly what you're talking about! They're nothing but losers who want to take their children out just to parade them around just to show that they can make pretty babies, and to make themselves look like a good dad! My kids father/sperm donor does the same thing.

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yes!! thats my ex. I had our son, It was a c-section. they gave my son to my mom first because his father accutally looked BORED! (i was outcold for all this) he took him about 10 minuets later, held him for ten minuets and then said he he had to go get mcdonalds and batteries for his camrea. I was still in surgery!! (also my mom hadn't eaten anything for a long time either) he came back a while later and held our son just long enough to take pictures of him holding our son and then handed him back to my mom. He didn't spend the first night with me.. the next night he was forced to stay with me by his father (His mother tried to side with him going home.. like he shouldn't have to stay with his baby) well at about 8am that morning he took off back home (an hour away) knowing full well I could be discharged and leaving me alone in the hospital when i can barely move. he then ran around town showing everyone pictures (even my moms friends). i was moved to a hospital closer to home that evening and I told him i didn't want visitors, just him. i get there, 15 mins later 4 people stroll in with him. I'm exhausted... then after 30 mins of that he left with them! and again I'm alone. the first week he came and saw him for 5 hours total and held him for maybe 15 when i bugged enough.

every nurse and doctor I talked to that saw him told me the exact same thing "he's not interested". it was horrible... I kept him around long enough to end up knocked up again. now he's off on the other side of the country with his 17 year old gf. no child support, no visits, a few calls. He refuses to sign away his rights. It would look bad on his part i suppose. he also claims I don't let him see the kids... smh such a jerk.

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