"must haves" for a newborn

Autumn - posted on 01/22/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I want to make sure that i have everything I need when my son shows up in 5 weeks... Does anyone have a list of the can't go without items for a newborn??


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Jennifer - posted on 01/24/2009




< A low-watt bedside lamp! You will need it for those late night changings and feedings! (which usually occur every two-three hours in the beginning)

< Both of my boys absolutely loved the swing- they fell asleep in it everytime and I was able to rest right along side them! ( with my first son I didn't sleep when he did and was exhausted all the time, but I learned better with the second one! Everytime he took a nap, so did I)

< I kept an extra diaper bag in the car stuffed with all the goodies and one in the house, that way on outings all I had to do was get bottles/formula together and go.

< Infant Tylenol on hand in case your baby gets a fever in the middle of the night and for when he gets his first shots.

< I breastfeed and bottle fed when he was older, but for formula I loved the small container for carrying the formula. It was a round container with a lid that had three or four compartments where you measured out the formula for each bottle and you poured it into each one and Presto! You have enough formula for four bottles without luggin the whole container of formula with you. And all you do is move the spout on top of one of the compartments and pour it into the bottle, very convenient.

< I also like the dishwasher basket for bottles, nipples, etc.

< A bath time bag made bath time easier, you put everything u need, shampoo, baby wash, wash cloth and towel into a bag and keep it in the bathroom for bath time.

< I used the Huggies washcloths that had the baby wash already in them all you did was add a little water and rub. Very good to use for a newborn cuz u have to keep one hand on them at all times and you only need one for these wash cloths.

< I also like the baby wipes that come in resealable packs that way u can just throw the whole pack in the diaper bag instead of refilling those plastic holders.

< I got those little scented bags to use for dirty diapers (especially good when u have to change a diaper in the car) :)

< I had a rocker/recliner in my room for late night feedings that helped rock him back to sleep and was comfortable for mom!

Hope this helps!! Congrats and enjoy your little boy!!

Leea - posted on 01/24/2009




* Nappies, powder & wipes - heaps & heaps!

* Baby bath on a stand with bath wash, flannels & lotions.

* Sturdy changetable - two years later & I'm still using mine!

* A nursing pillow - whether breast or bottle feeding it can be painful if yr not comfortable.

* A breastpump, bottles, bottle steriliser & formula juz in case u r unable to breastfeed or want a rest & let someone else care for bub for a bit.

* Spewcloths - gross I know, but you'll need heaps of these!

* Mattress protector for where she will be sleeping - gotta watch out for that spew! lol

* Baby carrier - you wear it - so much easier to tote them around in when they are tiny than stuggling with a bulky pram/stroller.

* Sleepsuit - its like a sleeping bag with arm & head holes. Whack that on them & no stressing about blankets over their faces! My saviour at night time!

Congratulations & Good luck!!

Mindy - posted on 01/22/2009




hi! my son is 9 months old and I always tell my girlfriends expecting and planning on breast feeding to use the "nipple shileds", they totally saved my nipples until my son had the latch down-pat and my nipples could take it without them (i used them for about 2 months) you can get them at Target (I think they're made by Medela).

I was also given the advice to start a Babies R Us gift card for myself- put like $10 or $20 on each time you go and it will add up and you'll be able to use it later on when you need it!

Good Luck to you and your baby!


Kodi - posted on 01/22/2009




those smoothie pacifiers come in handy!! But lily has most of the things that are important!! Congrats-Enjoy him while he is in there!!!! :)

Lily - posted on 01/22/2009




a breast pump, good nursing bras, a nursing pillow. Other then that just the basics, lots of diapers and wipes. sleepers, onesies and nice soft blankets to wrap baby in. oh yes and receiving blankets for spit ups.

Hope that helps. Congrats. Relax and rest up now while you can!

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