My 10 Month Old Won't Sleep Through The Night! Help?

Kate - posted on 03/03/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




Ugh! I have literally tried *E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G* in the book. I have spoke to her doctor's, her early-intervention specialist (she was born 6 weeks premature) and more. I have literally looked up just about every method, idea, tip, trick and she just does NOT go through the night. She is a little over 10 weeks old an a pretty BIG baby (22 lbs) and I blame it on the night feedings. I have decreased her feedings drastically and it's gotten a bit better but not all the way. I NEED sleep... I try to feed her lately before I go to bed. a small ghost feeding but that still doesn't work. I've tried to let her cry it out but she cries for hours and I can't sleep and either check up on her to make sure she's OK or just sit in my bed being tortured and then even MORE tired than if I just gave her a quick bottle. I'm out of ideas, energy and it's effecting my entire life. I'm not sure what to do....


Aimee - posted on 03/03/2009




My son didnt start sleeping through the night until about 1 year. I stopped feeding at night though around 9 months. He would still wake up but instead i would just give him his nuk and then let him come lay in bed with me. Is your daughter 10 monts or 10 weeks? the title and post said two different tings. If she is 10 weeks she probably still needs the night feedings. Maybe even try infant cereal before bed. If she is ten months then try giving her a snack before bed and then totally cut out the night feedings. Also if she is ten months the cry it out method sounds harsh but works. Go in there and remind her its bedtime and she needs to sleep, then go in there every 5-10 minutes and remind her the same thing. She should eventually go back to sleep and after a few nights of that may be able to self soothe herself back to sleep on her own.


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Katie - posted on 03/03/2009




I totally know where you are coming from i felt exactly how you did a couple months ago my son would go to sleep fine at bed time then wake and want a bottle he was 7mths old 22 pounds a big boy...he would kick me pull my hair and then even after he looked asleep i would put him in his crib and he would scream bloody murder at me bang his head the whole nine yards. So for awhile i gave in let him sleep in my arms right so he wouldn't scream but i never slept. Finally my mom (who is a reasearch junkie consumer reports all the stuff crazy) got me this book called "Solve Your Childs sleep problems" the new edition by Richard Ferber. It is a really easy read and he explains the importance of sleep at different ages but it is a pretty straight forward method in there for getting kids to sleep on there own even if they share a room with you. I have to admit i was skeptical at first but after reading it it helped alot and i followed his little sleep chart--. Leaving the room for a few minutes at a time and coming back building trust etc. He explains it all. At first it was hard and i felt like a bad mom leaving him in his crib to whine but the method is you always go back after a set time so they know you aren't leaving them and it helped me to cuz he would throw a fit but i knew in a few minutes i would check on him and he would be ok ....even if i did leave a minute later. I have to admit there where nights i just wanted to go pick him up but my mom would give me moral support and miraculously now he sleeps through the night in his own bed and falls back to sleep if he wakes in the night. I have to say it has really helped me. And the book is really open as far as different philosophies on co sleeping crib sleeping and everything but it really made alot of sense. I don't know ifwill be any help to you but it has made nights and even naps a lot easier. The book isn't all that expensive either i think like$12 bucks. Good luck with it all i hope this helps...your not the only mom that has gone through this!!!

Bethyny - posted on 03/03/2009




My son NEVER slept. Even as an infant when they're supposed to sleep all the time...NOPE!!! He would sleep 4-6 hours a night and occasionally take an hour nap in the afternoon. To this day, he's up until at least midnight and up by seven naps usually. My pediatrician told me that some kids just don't sleep. As long as they are healthy and stable, it's nothing to worry about. That's not going to help you get the rest you need, but it's one thing off your mind.
One warning, my son also had night terrors from the age of about four months until he was almost two. This was part of his sleeping problem. Keep an eye on her and make sure that she isn't having nightmares or night terrors. Those can be dangerous physically and if you aren't sensitive to them, may leave permanent sleep disabilities. It's obvious if this is a problem, my son screamed and tore at his eyes during the terrors. He would sweat profusely and cry inconsolably during the mares.
If you really can't take it, talk to her doctors about possibly a melatonin supplement.

Kate - posted on 03/03/2009




Oh there a way to edit?  Definitely NOT 22 lbs at 10 weeks old.  See?  that is my exhaustion kicking in! Haha..she is 10 months old.  Hmm see I've heard of the idea of going in every 5 minutes..10 mins and so on but i'm telling you, this baby is relentless in her death-defying screams.  She will FREAK out even more when I walk in the room...she cries harder when I do so I think that won't work.  


My mom suggested I get some ear plugs after I've checked up on her and tucked her back in...given her pacifier etc... because she screams SO loudly and as long as she's ok..maybe that'll help me.  Ugh.. thanks for your suggestions ladies. 

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I was on the same page as you. My daughter wouldnt sleep threw the night, and never did untill the day she turned 2 years old. I tryed everything as well Making a bed time routine I started with feeding her ,reading her a story, a bath warm pjs then bed but nothing worked till I tryed to keep her up for most of the day. Cut the naps short ....Some children are very stuborn and nothing you will do will help......I hope that you find something to help you out my best wishes

Natalie - posted on 03/03/2009




I know excatly how tiring it is when you child dosnt sleep, i had the same problem for a month and finally after trying all the nice ways i went with letting my son cry it out. when he woke up i would give him a bit of water and walk away, keep going back every 5 mins and keep streching the length of time your away 5,10,15 and so on after doing this for a week if my son woke up he would simply turn over and go back to sleep. he is now 18 months old and iv never had any problems with hes sleeping. Its quite natral for a 10 week old to wake alot through the night and i do understand that its takes away all your energy not sleeping, but it will get better in time.X

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