My 19 month old usually has a low temp about 96.5. Any idea what this could be? Is it dangerous?


Natalie - posted on 11/08/2009




I dont think its dangerous hun, only if its high!! Y dnt u ask the GP/?? or health visitor they've prob heard it all before lol! Ive asked them some stupid stuff before now :) xxx


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Marie - posted on 11/08/2009




My daughter and I always run a very low temp. If she gets up to 98.6 then I know that she is sick. The doctor has told me not to worry about it, that some people just have a lower core body temp. Hope this helps put you mind at ease:)

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Fever is when the temperature of the body rises above normal, generally above 38 degrees (38ºC) (100.4F) when the temperature is taken under the arm or in the mouth. Fever usually occurs as a result of an infection.

The normal body temperature varies between about 35.8ºC (96.44F) and 37.4ºC (99.32F). Different people may have slightly different normal temperatures, and each person’s normal body temperature will vary a little at different times of the day (up to 1ºC) (33.8F). A person's hands and feet can be a lot cooler than 35.8ºC (96.44F), but the temperature inside their chest, abdomen and head will remain stable.

If a child is very unwell, or has been exposed to very cold conditions, a temperature of 35.5ºC (95.9F) or lower could mean that there is a serious health problem.

Hope this answers some questions for you, but if you are worried, then take hime to see a doctor. :)

Meghan - posted on 11/08/2009




Has it always been that way or is this something recent? If it's always been that way it could just be the thermometer or the way you're taking his temperature. Thermometers can be off by a whole degree depending on how you're taking it. If it's just recent maybe try putting him in warmer clothes so it keeps his core temperature up. I don't really think it could be anything dangerous. I'm not sure though... Hope this helped a little bit!

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