my 3 year old expects a reward for following every simple direction. Any ideas for breaking this horrible bad habit?


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Cara - posted on 04/06/2009




Rewards don't have to be large gifts or toys, they can be as simple as praising your child for their effort, thus raising their self esteem at the same time or you could try using charts and only after they have filled the chart they will be rewarded with something bigger.

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Oh I bet it is a very bad habit.. Coz when you continue giving them rewards time will come they will get use to it and they will always ask for it. My kids aint no different.. but I started to be dominant and tell them that, they have to follow me coz itfor their own good, maybe the word thank you, welcome, please would do and a little bribery of applause could help..

Lawana - posted on 04/05/2009




My 5 yr old use to be the same way...I had to break it down to him that "Mommy can't buy you everything and that just because you do a good deed doesn't mean you are to be rewarded." Becaue you are expected to do good....

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