My 4 year old has decided that she will not listen to me, I've giving time outs, taken toys away, and started giving paddles on the rear... what can I do to make her listen?


Paula - posted on 03/04/2009






Heres what I did, unfortunately, if you haven't been giving spanks from the get go, its not going to do anything now but make your 4 year old through a tantrum. 

This may seem drastic but boy did it ever work and 3 years later, when my daughter even thinks of being a little bratty I remind her of what we did when she was 3.

We told her after she had had a tantrum that the next time she did so she was going to lose every single toy or fun thing she had.  Like most kids she tested us and had another tantrum and we followed through, we reminded her what we had told her then we made her watch us empty out her toy room., her bedroom and her bathroom.  We put all her toys into bags and boxes and out of sight as she was horrible to do and see how she reacted but it will work.  The only thing we left her with was two coloring books, crayons (and only the basic red, blue, yellow green, purple, brown and black)  and left her with her books (that I would never take away) she got one barbie and one teddy bear  and thats it.  Everything else was taken away, as her behavior improved, which was pretty much right away, she would get back a toy of our choice not hers.  If she even started being bad again even a little, the toy was taken away again.  It took about a week for her to start understanding that there are consequences to the way she acts and she learned from it, she learned from it really well. 

Again, I prepare you for the horrible scene it will be when you do it and you have to make sure they watch you do it...Be strong, it will work.

Everyone thought i was nuts to do it, but when their kids started being bad they did the same thing out of curiosity and even has told me it was the best thing they ever did.

good luck, and let me know how it turns out.

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