My 4 yr old is biting her nails

Caina - posted on 05/13/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter started biting her nails a few months ago. I have talked to her about germs being under her nails. I have also tried painting her nails and special things like that. Now she is biting her toenails. Last night she almost bit off the entire nail on a few of her toes. I know exactly what was going on at the time all of this started. The problem stemmed from her father and his girlfriend at the time being physically abusive in front of her when she was there. Any suggestions on how to get her to stop biting her nails would be appreciated.


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Trisha - posted on 05/15/2010




Communication with your child! Sit down with her and have a conversation about how she feels or if she knows why she is bitting her nails. Somethings can be unknow to a child. Talk to her about the abuse she witnessed and how it made her feel. If she wont talk maybe check into a counsler sometimes kids dont want to talk to their parents about things because they feel scared they might get into trouble or get someone else into trouble. If they talk to someone outside the situation it could make them alittle more comfortable so they will open up. Kids hear and see a lot more things than adults think they do! Just because a child is in another room and you cant see them doesnt mean they cant hear what you are saying and listening very closely at that. Kids have all the same feelings adults do but they are not sure how to deal with them. They need to be taught how to handly fear and what to do in a scary situation and people they can talk to and trust.

Amanda - posted on 05/13/2010




There is nail polished made for biters now. One is MAVALA stop for nail bitting and thumb sucking and the other is Orly No bite. They are not expensive either but I am not sure where to find it. Try your local pharmacy. Good luck

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