my 6 month old is fine with other ppl but he won't stop screaming for me, what can i do?

Terry - posted on 05/19/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




i just don't know what to do. all he does is scream for me but as soon as some one else gets him he's fine. im starting to go crazy and want nothing to do with him


Rebecca - posted on 05/19/2009




The one major piece of advice i can give you is to RELAX! Easier said than done i know, but babies pick up on every little emotion you are feeling! So if you expect him to cry everytime you will be giving off a tense and worried vibe which in turn will make him unsettled. Try and find something that he likes for example a bath or a nice massage or a favourite book and spend time doing things that are fun together. Some times us mums get stuck with the not very nice jobs but we need to make time for the fun stuff too. Also try to talk to someone either a close friend or a proffesional about your feelings towards your son, it really does help when you are going through a rough time! I also agree with Lorette a good routine can make all the difference!

Hope this helps a bit! Just remember you are not alone and are a great mum!

All the best.


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I know from my experiences through motherhood, that 1st, start with a good routine. It provides security. Trust of his safety always. Read your childs face in every situation. Look for other possible problems, like a possible bad experience that might have contributed etc. If it doesn't stop, visit a doctor a look into it, my daughter had eppilepsy and I wasn't aware. I'm not saying that's the situation, but look for the problem. You should also try to always be very calm and relaxed. Any stress filters down to them, although it doesn't always look like it.

Good luck, hope it get's better for the both of you

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