My 9 month baby stopped sleeping well its a screaming match

Meshelle - posted on 04/25/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi any advice would be appreciated I'm a first time mum & my 9 mnth baby boy has slept well & gone down to sleep very easily or fairly easily from around 3mnths till about a week ago where when I put him down for the night sleep & his 2 day naps usually with no or little protest. We have not changed anything with with times,routines or his security blanky & dummy he has when sleeping & what hes doing is all peacefully going into cot as he always has but the second I or my husband start closing the door he screams & screams like you wouldnt believe & he has never done this before maybe in the past on bad days hes had a small cry but this is absolute non stop screaming & crying & when we cant stand hearing him crying out like that anymore myself of my husband go in & the minute we go in he starts to stop screaming but hes so worked its unbelieveable we cuddle him offer more bottle sometimes he takes more bottle sometimes he doesnt re settle him dummy in & leave like we have in the past & again the second we start walking out the door he starts screaming again & I mean screaming. I'm trying to let him cry it out but its hard & he normally screams for half a hour & my husband doesnt like leaving him in that much distress I'm trying right now to get him to sleep for his night sleep which is always about 6-7pm & he has now been crying for almost a hour & is still crying I have been in twice in that hour to calm him down & offer more bottle I'm feeling very stressed not knowing what to do for the best any help will be greatly appreciated. Meshelle


Carla - posted on 04/25/2010




Hello, my name is Carla and I am in childcare, working as an infant teacher. Plus I have over 20 years experience as a nanny, and I am a Mom to one 8 year old girl. I say all that to just let you know I am experienced. First I would ask is he teething? And how many naps dies he take during the day? He may need to change to just one in the middle of the day. He sounds like he has some possible seperation anxiety, which can come and go at any age. My daughter had a 3 week bout of it when she turned 3 and went into preschool. So, have your doctor look him over, teeth and ears. Then maybe adjust his naps, and at night follow a simple routine that you do every night. Children need consistency in their bedtime schedules. A warm bath, soft music to sleep by, a rocking chair, a storybook. Whatever you do be prepared to do it every night. I rocked my daughter to sleep most nights, so she was asleep when I laid her down. And she is 8 and even now she goes to sleep with some classical music playing softly. I wish you all the best, and I know how tired you are so I hope something I said helps! If everything fails, get a friend at least once a week to help out so you can get some rest too. This will pass!

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