My baby is almost 2 months and is still not sleeping at night..we are up til the wee hours of the morning. How can i get him switched to sleeping at night?


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Chicora - posted on 03/31/2009




I Agree with Karrie Carter on this one the Rice Cereal in the Formula works and keeping him up during the day works also. My daughter was the same had the days and nights mixed up but you have to train them to be on your schedule instead of you on theres. Best Wishes Hope It Works For You

Gemma - posted on 03/31/2009




i had the same problem with my son, my son didnt start sleeping thru the nite till he was nearly 4months n i tried everything but then sum1 recommended good nite milk its a thicker formula which keeps them fuller for longer so then u and yr baby get a good nites sleep also try giving yr lil one a nice warm bath before the milk

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he probably has his days and nights mixed up which is very common. Dont let him nap all the time during the day limit how long he sleeps, give him lots of interaction so he is tired, but not to much as babies who are over tired dont sleep well. Feed right before you lay him down. remember if he sleeps for 4 to 6 hours that is considered sleeping through the night at that age. My son is 28 months and still gets up about 3 out of the 7 days in the week. all babies are different. He was also 6 months before he ever had the ocasional sleep through the night. If you are breast feeding your baby will be up to eat as breast milk metabolises faster than formula and all babies wake up to eat even if they are formula fed that is how they keep from dehydrating and instinct a womans body is made that to keep up her milk supply she needs to nurse so its ingrain instinct in babies. He is still very young give him time.

Courtney - posted on 03/30/2009




My twins were the same and it drove me insane!!! I was told it takes a baby 3 days to learn something new. My twins had their day/night round the wrong way so in order to change it you need a pretty regular routine that makes it quite clear of the different times of day and what is expected. But 2 months is still quite young. the routine I put my twins in at 5 months is still the same now 10 months on and life is easier when you all know whats happening at different times of the day.

My routine was:

6.30am wake up bottle tummy time playing cuddles and got them dressed for the day. I was told to get them into the habit early of having noght clothes and day clothes.

At about 8.30 they had a bottle and went to bed for about an hour hour and a half. when they got up they played cuddles etc

at around 1- or 2 they had a bottle and went down to bed for about an hour or so

Upon waking they had their playtime a bit extra to tire them out more for a night time sleep bathed around 5-5.30 dinner or bottle cuddles and a story and another bottle so that they went down with a full tummy.

One thing to remember is babies have small tummies so they need to feed often in order for them to sleep well and as they get bigger and can eat more the longer they will sleep. But in my experience if you can stick to a routine that defines the difference between day and night your baby should pick up the change within 3 or 4 days. babies learn what we teach them so eveutally they understand and learn what we expect from them.
Good luck and I hope you find something that works!!

Lindsay - posted on 03/30/2009




Yes Jess basically hit the nail right on the head for ya there try and keep him up as long as you can through out the day and feed him right b4 bed so that his belly is full and this should help switch his routine around in time

Karrie - posted on 03/29/2009




My son didnt sleep through the night till he was almost a year I know that is not what you want to hear but it did help by adding some baby rice cereal to his formula right before bed that worked and my friend did the same and its helped her

Jesserae - posted on 03/29/2009




I had the exact same trouble with my youngest...the only thing you can really try is keeping him to stay up through out the day as long as possible so he'll sleep through the night. Also try feeding him right before bed.

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