My children's really dislike their weekends with dad - help!

Ruth - posted on 02/18/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My two girls, 6 & 14, don't really like being with their dad at his place. In general they both love him and he is a decent father (no abuse issues etc.). They just don't like the environment in his home (dirty & messy, spends most of his time on facebook, has a fairly firm hand about his rules). I personally think they need to spend their time with their dad. I only speak positively about him around them.
What I am looking for advice about is how to handle my youngest daughter's anxiety and grief over the time she has to spend with him. She gets very clingy to me and sometimes almost hysterical when she has to go with him. When she returns from the weekend (which others tell me from observation has been a perfectly fine and even fun time for them) she will get very sulky and even aggressive towards me, as though to punish me for letting her go.
Any advice would be so welcome!


Ashleigh Jade - posted on 02/20/2011




My mum is currently going thru the same sort of situation with my 10 yrold brother and sister. My lil bro freaks out when he finds out hes going to see his dad.

Maybe theres sone underlying issues that you dont no about?

Has she always been like that?

My best advice is to talk to her and ask whats really going on. Let her get some stuff of her chest. Might help.

My brother no longer visits his father. His choice. It just wasnt worth him having a break down every weekend.

Hope any of this helps :)

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