My daughter is going on 5 months old and she hasn't learned to roll over or sit up yet. Is that normal?


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Sara - posted on 03/31/2009




its totally normal...evey child is different my son didnt roll until he was7 months old after that everything went so fast the crawling the walking and now hes 18 months old and hes running and climbing and dancing and jumping so i wouldnt wish it to go so fast if i were you caus you will miss it !!

Cindy - posted on 03/31/2009




Hi Donnell!

My daughter was the same! I was concerned just like you! I asked my doc when her 6 month check up came and he said that she may not want to roll or just be too lazy.. All children develop differently and reach their milestones at different times. To be honest my daughter never did end up rolling over until after she was walking. I thought that was odd but that is what she chose to do. Suggestions to encourage her to roll would be to have plenty of tummy time. When they do roll they tend to roll front to back first and then back to front. Also to help her neck muscles strengthen and to be stable sitting, I would recommend an excersaucer/ jolly jumper. Placing pillows all around her while she is sitting on the floor helps too. Some people buy those bumbo seats to help but they tend to be expensive considering you won't use them for long. Most babies tend to sit on their own around 6-7 months. But like I said all babies are different. I agree with April that if your daughter doesn't show any improvement by 8-10 months then you should consult your doctor. I wouldn't worry too much. Hope this was of some help to you! I wish you all the best!

April - posted on 03/30/2009




You can ask a doctor but really every baby is different, I would just leave it, maybe by like 8-10 months then ask the doctor but all kids develope different..

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