my daughter who is 6 takes meds for her add and it kills her appetite so she also takes meds to stimulate her appetite. it really doesnt seem to be helpin she is still loosing weight and doesnt have any to loose she is a bean pole now any one got and good ideas?? besides take her off her meds andthing i can feed her to help boost some weight?


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Hi Rebecca my eldest has ADD and when he started the meds when he was 6, he too went thru the same thing. The only thing that seemed to work was taking half doses after meal times. Even then it was a struggle. Perhaps the dosage is too high, she is only wee. Go back to your docs and have a heart to heart. If you think it's too much you are probably right. Do a bot of research. I am sure the medication quantity at 6 years old is based on weight. If her weight is low the dose is to high? IM not a doc. Not sure if this helped at all. Take care. Let me know how you go on.


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