My ex husband refuses to pay for our daughter's college expenses because he doesn't like her major

Roxanna - posted on 08/18/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daugher from my first marriage will be entering college next year and her Dad has told her he will not help her pay for college because he doesn't believe that a degree in Graphic design will be beneficial. He wants her to join the Military so she can get her GI Bill.
My girl, Ley, has wanted to be an artist since before she knew she could make a living out of it. She currently does work online and gets paid for it. I have fully supported her on her decision and even use most of her child support to buy her the art supplies that she needs. My 2nd husband has encouraged her and has even gotten her an internship at a graphic store that does t-shirts and banners.
What blows my mind is that not only did he choose to not be an active part of her life since she was three years old, he now wants to step in and tell her what to do with her future! We had even talked about her going to school in his town so she could live with him, his wife and new baby. But he told her she could live with him ONLY if she chose another major and/or went to the Military!
My daughter is heart broken and I am furious! My husband and I cannot afford to put her through school and I have been working with her to get grants and scholarships. But she wants to go to RISD in Rhode Island, where I have no family, two colleges in NYC where she can live with one of my parents, and another in Ohio, but she is so not going there!
When we divorced, he gave me a very low amount of money for child support for her with a 2% increase every year. It started at $300.00 and 14 years later we are at $400.00.....per month. He has told me often that I cannot have it modified because it was done in CA, but I do remember when I had to apply for food stamps many, many years ago, that the Attorney General's Office in the state I live in can have him pay twice as much. I never did it out of fear of him and what my family would say, but this is for my daughter. I hate being a whiner, should I just suck it up and get another job ontop of the 40 I already put in?


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Legally i dont think he is responsible to pay for her college but I do believe he has to continue paying child support to her until she is finished school, or at least that is how it is in Canada. I am not sure but lots of parents cant afford school and in Canada we have student loans to pay for the cost of school and some living expenses. Your daughter will probably have to work her way through schoo, like the majority of the world and she can always live in a college dorm or rent an apartment with some roomates to help with the cost of living.

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