MY little one's drive me crasy,i dont know what to do they fight alot too,


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Pam - posted on 02/28/2009




Well i think you are not alone here. Every mother at sometime feels like you are feeling however there is always a solution. Children need interaction even when you think you are giving them enough sometimes you may not be and this can be hard. Interact with your children set time aside where you concentrate just on their needs either individually or all together. Give them learning activities to do such as things that will teach them how to share, be kind and play together nicely. Role play it with them. Young children are vulnerable but if they see what you are doing is fun then they will play along to. Getting siblings to be nice to each other is never easy. Gee i hated my brothers when i was younger. But by including all children in the above activites and by interacting with them alittle more can curve any resentment they have towards each other. Try the time out routine to if there is an uncontrollable situation. Or place one child at one end of the house with an activity and the other at the other end with a different activity. They will soon realise that its not much fun playing by themselves. If you have an older child try one on one with them. They will love the attention.

Alice - posted on 02/28/2009




You are not alone, mine drive me crazy too! What you need to do is seek support. If you have family nearby are they able to give you a break? I have 4 children still at home too, and I dont have that....but maybe thats an option for you. If not, are there are there parenting support groups in your area? Talking to someone who is going through the same thing can help your piece of mind, even knowing youre not alone can make you feel better. You are not, add me to your circle if you want....we can share stress, LOL

Anyway, your children are beautiful! They are very close in age, as are my two youngest. Fightingt is normal but very frustrating. I use "time out" with mine if they become abusive to each other. My little girl  has a chair where she has to sit for a short time if she is being too rough. My little boy has his time in the crib. They dont like to have to stop playing so this does work! Its hard doing it alone, god bless you!

The advice I think that is the most important to give you is to take care of yourself. Try to get enough rest, eat healthy and get alone time to destress! The better you feel the better you will be able to look after your little ones. It seems sometimes that we think that this will go on forever, but you know one day they'll all be in school and then off on their own and this will be a distant memory. I try to make these memories as good as I can, I forget about housework 1 day a week and just play with my little ones. Do whatever you can to get by each day, take care of yourself and good luck!

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