My son is obsessed with food, how to deal?

Amanda - posted on 09/28/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is almost 5 years old and is completely OBSESSED with food. He is always asking when the next meal or snack is. This has gone on for several years now. He can be getting away from the table for lunch or supper and ask when snack time is. Ive showed him on the clock when each meal or snack is so he knows but he still is so concerned with it. If we eat supper late and dont get done til almost snack time he still wants a snack. He definitely has never gone hungry. We stick to a pretty regular schedule. Breakfast 8ish, snack 10, lunch 12, snack 3 and supper 6-7, snack 8ish. I am just very concerned that if he keeps worrying about food he is going to become obese. Right now he is little for his age, but thats because i am small and so is his dad. He is a very high strung kid, always bouncing off the walls, so he pry uses up alot of calories. Has anyone had any issues with this? What have you done?


Cla - posted on 09/29/2011




Didn't have that problem with my son. But my 3 1/2 year-old nephew is kind of like that. He eats regular meals and asks for milk all the time. He is also very high strung but is overweight. The doctor recommended he go on sort of a diet by drinking low fat milk. Its good that your son is not obese or overweight for his age. Just make sure he eats healthy, less sweet stuff. For snacks you can try fruits or garden salad. My son loves lettuce and carrots. You can also try to explain to him about what eating too much might do. If you're still worried, you can ask a doctor. But so far, I think your son is okay.

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