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My son smells my pantys!!!!! And my heels and his sisters! Wat do I do

Gweezyd - posted on 12/05/2018 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi I'm Lynn A I'm 37 white and mex single mother of 2 my son is 14 and my daughters 17 we're a regular family for the most part id say lately things have been getting "rough" and "crazy" I had noticed that my dirty clothes hamper would always be torn up like someone went thru it but I thought it was my daughter going thru clothes for laundry or something of that sort...until one night I woke up to use the bathroom and opened the door and my son was standing there with one of my thongs on his face and 3 or 4 laid on the counter top all dirty flipped inside out he absolutely panicked dropped to the floor and started crying I didn't know what to do I shut the door and went back to my room the next morning he bolted out of the house without a word a few weeks went by and I had kept noticing my dirty thongs missing or being misplaced I just tried not to think about it then about a week ago my daughter asked to talk to me we had a long conversation very real and in depth..she told me that her brother had been licking and sucking on her feet for about 5 years now and she can't take it anymore she said he would put my dirty thongs on her face or next to her face while she was pretending to be asleep and he would "enjoy" himself to her toes and to her smelling my dirty pantys I absolutely freaked and was going to call the cops but I don't know what to do he should be back from camping this weekend and I'm so just lost on what to do has anyone had any type of experiences like this please I need help do I call the cops do I just let him do what he's doing I don't want him to hurt himself for being embarrassed I'm just at a loss and need some help thanks so much

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