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Donna - posted on 05/04/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi im a single mum, i was never in a relationship with my little girls dad although i involved him in the pregnancy and birth, when she was 5weeks old he walked out of my home after an argument, things got really complicated as my brother got into trouble with the police over a fight with his house mate anyway i saw his mum in a local shop, shortly after that i had a leeter from his solicitor saying he want to recommence contact, he walked out 6 months ago, he hasnt tried to call or see her, hes given me endless problems, to a point where i recieve councelling for anxiety because of threats to me and my child, now he wants access but in his mums house, i dont get on with her and shes only seen the the baby once in 7 months, i cant help but think this is all for her benefit!

I want to move to make a better life for me and my little girl we dont go out here anymore, but i dont want him to find us,

This may seen long winded but this is the short story, am i wrong for wanting better for my child, she doesnt know who her father is hes a stranger, but i need to know the consequences if i move with her?


Latavia - posted on 05/05/2009




There aren't any consequences!! You have to do what you have to do for you and yours. I moved away for a better life for me and my son and now I'm in a beautiful relationship. My boyfriends loves and treats my son as if he was his own. He does more for my son then his own father. I went thru the same drama and it's not worth it. It doesn't even phase my son about his father. You or your daughter don't deserve the drama. Do what you gotta do because at the end of the day, it's all about your daughter and no one else. I wish you the best!! Please keep me posted!!

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