Need help loosing the baby weight!!!!

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I need help, and suggestions on how to loose the baby weight.... im trying to work on it, and my daughter is gonna be two on the 3rd.... I've been in school full time and working part time, so at the end of the day i'm way to tired to be doing anything more than i have to. lol. that and the winters are bloody cold here, that i dont take out Kristalyn outside unless i absolutely have to, so that limits the things i can do.... I've been trying to watch whati eat, and trying to do as much excersize (sp?) i can, with the no time i have..... any suggestions would be greatly appriciated. thanks alot!!!!

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Donna - posted on 03/04/2009




i found slimming world helped me loads, like you i was busy full time and dint really seem to be able to fit in excercise but the weight still came off- it was slow but its stayed off for almost a yr now so it was worth it!

Sandy - posted on 03/02/2009




I suggest you not do a "diet".   What happens is your body will compensate for it.  For instance if you don't eat, you body will store extra fat because it will think you may not feed it again for a while.  If you want to lose pounds you should to eat several times a day, small meals/snacks.  Then you body will know you will be eating feeding it again soon so it won't retain as much fat.   Watch your carb intake, every 15 grams is a serving.  Eat 2-3 servings for breakfast, 1-2 snack, 2-3 lunch, 1-2 snack, 3-4 dinner and maybe another snack before bed.  REALLY!!  Meats are carb free, most vegies are carb free, watch the fruit, grains and sugars.  Read labels, you will be amazed at the crap we are eating that we think is healthy.  I am a diabetic and had to learn how to watch carbs.  I lost 40 lbs in a few months eating like this and excersing a few times a week.  I have an eliptical but I recommend Tae Bo.  Tae Bo is actually fun and my kids even like it. 

Christina - posted on 03/01/2009




before i got pregnant i weighed 92 lbs. at the end of my pregnancy i was 180 lbs. my daughter is 9 months old and im at 115 lbs. still heavier than im used to, but a healthy weight i can be happy with :)


what i did was simple. i hate exercise and i love food lol so when i felt like having a snack, id have baby carrots and hummus or a fiber one bar. for meals, i made sure i got my carbs, proteins, fruits and veggies. i made sure i drank milk everyday as well. once a week i would do 50 crunches. (if i remembered lol)


a lot of diets tell you to cut carbs, and while you shouldnt overeat them, they are essential for brain and liver function. if youre not careful you hurt yourself without really realising it. the key is to have a lot of protein while skipping out on bad fats and too many sugars. if you like salmon, thats a great source of proteins and important fats that are good for you and keep you focused.


hope this helps. im still working on fitting into my old clothes as well. :-D

Annette - posted on 02/28/2009




i had a problem getting the weight off my stomach and i found that just doing bicycle crunches and drinking water - absolutly nothing sugary- helped ALOT. i never really watched what i ate lol, so maybe i just got off lucky.

Tammy - posted on 02/26/2009




After my fourth and I thought last child I lost 50 lbs and was down to a size 2-4 and  I kept it off for 7 byrs until lo and behold along came #5.  I was on complete bedrest with her and we have cold winters here too (plus I'm really really old now   to boot) so I haven't really stressed about losing the weight again  but plan on starting when the weather is better.  What I did the first time was actualy so simple it was hard if that makes sense.  I love food so it was all about portion control.  Don't deny yourself but keep portions small and recognize when you are full.  Drink a glass of cold water before every meal and make healthy substitutions like whole wheat pasta for regular.  I also maade exercise a part of everyday life.  If it was less then 4-5 blocks away ZZI walked no exceptions!  I took the first decent parking spot instead of circling to find closer plus I actually played with my kids (took them roller skating, played basebal and tag ect..)  It was small and easy changes that really made a difference not some totally new way of eating and exercising that I would eventually grow tired of.

Jenny-Lee - posted on 02/26/2009




TAYBO!!!! Do taybo in the evenings or when you are at home every night, it really helps!!!!

Vicki - posted on 02/24/2009




Ive lost 10 stone since having my son ( now 4) and 6 stone of that was with the Cambridge diet.

Its not for everyone and you have t have a lot of will power but , if exercise is a nightmare for you , this is a good option coz it actually works better if you do none at all!

Its a very low cal diet , where you have meal replacements , shakes, bars , soups, or porrige, and if you stick to it you loose 3lb a week, so altho its hard work you get very good results and fast.

Look it up on the net, if its too extreme for you , just remember carbs are the enemy so just try n cut out as much bread , pasta, and stuff like that as you can!

Good luck!

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