need some help thinking of fostering and dds dad is being a \PITA

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Ok I have a 6 year old and have full physical custody and joint legal(it just list medical, religion and education). I have been thinking about fostering for year and am taking the steps to do it. Her dad thinks it is a horrible idea and making my life hell. I don't want to give into his bullying. He thinks it is his job to tell me what to do at my house all the time. He had his girlfriend doing over nights and moved her in without asking me(which I didn't care about). I feel like what happens at the others house is none of the other parent's business as long as she is well cared for and happy.
Any advice?


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If it is something that you want to do at the property that you live at then it has little to do with your ex as the child(ren) that you would look at foster wouldn't be his responsibility. Certainly it is worth looking into more and seeing more of what's involved in fostering. What happens at your house, is nothing to do with him, unless it affects your daughter adversely.

Certainly the things I would consider would be things like fostering emergencies, awareness that the children who would be coming into your home will be carrying a lot of emotional baggage with them that could cause difficult behaviour.

It is worth talking to the various fostering agencies and seeking some guidance from them, what training you will need to do and also what home checks as well. I am sure that you are not the first single parent with a young child(ren) who live with you to consider becoming a foster carer.

Yes your ex has the right to think that fostering is a horrible idea, but on the other hand, you are looking at making it a possible career out of it which will provide a stable income for your household. Also long term, it will show your daughter that she is lucky to have both her parents involved in her life and that other children aren't as lucky as she is due to their family situations.

Certainly your ex does not have the right to dictate what type of work you go into, especially if it's legal.

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