Potty Trained Son Peeing in his pants on Purpose?

Victoria - posted on 04/12/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 3 and is / was fully potty trained up until this past two weeks. Here recently I've noticed he will pee in his underwear run into the room and tell me he wants new clean undies because his are wet. I'll ask him why are they wet and he simply says I peed in them.

I know he knows how to use the potty, he's been potty trained for almost half a year now. I'm just curious if this is a stage that hes going through? I also notice he likes to change his clothes a few times a day, I'm not sure why he does. But I feel like he knows if he pee's his undies he has to get new clean undies and new clean pants. Even though the ones he's wearing are currently clean!

Any ways I should go about teaching him to NOT pee in his undies? I've tried firmly telling him that big boys pee in the potty not in their undies. And to please pee in the potty next time. He acts like he understands by saying yes ma'am or okay.

Any other suggestions if it keeps up?


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it is worth looking at if there's any part of his routine that's changed or family situation. If there has been something that's changed, then that could explain it. It could be a simple 'just because'/attention seeking situation/phase. Could also be worth having a chat with him, asking why he likes changing his clothes so often during the day and getting down to the main reason. It could be something quite simple.

Talk to him that as he's a big boy, that he should be going potty/toilet when he needs a wee. Every time he does a pee on the toilet/potty, give him lots of praise and maybe some sort of reward chart. It could also be worth doing the same for not changing his clothes if they're clean/acceptable to wear. Certainly worth heaping the praise on when he does a pee on the toilet/potty and ignoring the behaviour you don't want (know it's easier said than done). If he comes and tells you that he's changed his clothes, a simple 'OK'. If he says that he's done a pee on the toilet/potty, then lots of praise. Also could be worth going down the line of, when you've done a pee on the potty, can you let Mum know so that I can see you've done it'. Heap the praise on and hopefully it'll sort itself out.

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