Potty training and visitation schedules...help!

Kerri - posted on 03/10/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




OK. I'm recently divorced. My ex and I are handling "co-parenting" well, for the most part. The kids are adjusting to the new way of living very well. They still see their dad almost everyday for at least a couple of hours. My youngest turned 2 in December. With my two older children, I had already begun potty training at this point, but I've been holding off with her to give her time to adjust to the divorce, etc.
How long do you think that I should wait before starting? Also, have any of you done potty training with a visitation schedule? If so, do you have any advice on how to make that go smoothly? Potty training is difficult enough, so I'm really dreading it this time since we're doing the back and forth between homes.


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Kara - posted on 03/11/2009




I had great difficulty with potty training my daughter. I was so worried because at two she was not the slightest bit interested i contacted my health visitor. On the advice she gave me most children dont get 'that toilet feeling' until their 2 and a half so she advised me to hold off until then, but still to leave the potty lying around so my daughter would get used to seeing it, and also to take my daughter to the toilet with me. Low and be hold at around 2 and a half my daughter prompted me by saying she wanted to go wee wee. Now at 2 yrs 7 months shes dry through the day and now actually perfers to use the toilet 'like a big girl'. Try not to get to stressed about it though they say children can sense that and it wont help. It may not work for you but give it ago.

Angel - posted on 03/11/2009




never hold off too long otherwise they get too use to having there nappy on. when my brother was younger i found carrin a potty in a carrier bag easier than using public loos especially if your not near on. we lived between two homes and my mother found it easier to carry his pooty cos he recognised what it was used for at it was his. Its' a complete different matter with my own son but he is autistic so it doesn't work with all children.

Dina - posted on 03/10/2009




Me and my ex-husband seperated right before my son turned 2 as well. But we had begun training at 17months and he was doing really well, with the seperation he did take a step backwards with the potty training, i just was patient with him, kept asking if he had to go, and let him come to me.

After a few months he a djusted and was back to going potty for me...however at his dads he would always go in his pants, I later learned that his dad was still putting him in pullups, and kids are smart they know that pullups are just another diaper and they can go in them.

It is important that you and your ex agree on how you want to potty train her and stick to it, and communicate well with eachother, if she has a steady plan at your place and his place she will adjust quickly but if you both do something different it will take alot longer for her to learn.

Reward systems work very well, if you and your ex can set up a system to encourage her, and for the both of you to show how proud you are of her when she goes...like when he picks her up let him  know how good she did, even if she only went once that day, tell him that she went potty like a big girl, it will make her proud of herself.

By 27 months my son was completely traiened during the day, and by 3 years fully trained at night time :)


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