Returning Feelings

LaKysha - posted on 04/17/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




How do you get over someone who left you by yourself with a newborn, I know from my previous posts that I should, but its not that easy. I recently found out he has got into some trouble, maybe even hurt, he is going down that wrong path again, and I so much want to save him. I want to tell him that he can move with me even if we are not together. Yes he is the father of my son, and I thought a true love but I want to make sure he is safe. Someone please help me.


Veronica - posted on 04/22/2009




Honestly, if a person isn't going to do the right thing when a child is born, there's a big chance they are never going to get their life together. My daughter's father is 42 and still acting like he's 18. He's seen her once, becuase i took her there, we now live in different states. He NEVER calls to ask about her and he has never given me a dime. He put me through hell while i was pregnant with her. And come to find out, he has 2 other kids, i knew about them, but i didnt know he owed like $10000 in child support for one of them. Some people just dont know how to be a good parent, they dont understand the child comes first. You have to do what is best for you and your children. You're only going to be the best parent you can be if you are okay emotionally, so you have to let him go. If later on downt he line he gets his act together, then great...but it has to be up to him to do everything. You cant force someone to change, and you cant make someone care. I personally think it is better for my daughter that i let him walk out of her life, i'd rather it be just me and her, maybe one day a new man, someone who is good and wants to be a father, but id rather her get through the pain of all this then him come in and out of her life. If he doesnt care enough about you and his child, why should you have to care about him? i know you were once in love with him, i was too with my guy, but i can't love someone who would let down a child like that.

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