should pit bull dogs be allowed around children?

Felicia - posted on 05/26/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




my friends have pit bulls and i was wondering shold i let them be around her or should i put a stop to it?


Katelyn - posted on 05/31/2010




My last dog was a pit-bull named pepper. I was a little kid for mos of the dogs life, and even when he was old and you'd think he'd be cranky, there's a video of me pouring sand out of my sand box on to his head. it has nothing to do with the breed of dog. I know plenty of chihuahuas that are more aggressive than the pit-bulls i know. its all in how he owner trains and treats the dog. look at their temperament, not their breed.

Letitia - posted on 05/27/2010




Please put a stop to it....I am a huge dog lover and my son was raised with our rottweiler and bull mastiff...Dogs are dogs, they are pack animals and no one understands why a once pleasant dog will suddenly turn and attack...Im sure the owners treat the dogs well and wouldnt think that their dogs would attack but PLEASE do not take that chance.....Ask your self if you could forgive yourself if something was to happen to your daughter becaue you believed these dogs were safe

Meghan - posted on 05/26/2010




it depends largely on how the owner treats the dog! but on the other side of things we had a pitbull bullmastiff and she was great with my son, very laid back, very gentle. When me and my ex split I don't know what happened but I got a text from him a few months later saying she bit someone (resulting in stitches) and was lost in the woods for a week. From that day on I do not allow my son to be around her. I should point out that it isn't because of the could have been a shitzu and I would feel the same way. Bottom line is dogs (domesticated dogs) can't be trusted ALONE with a baby or toddler. They are quick and don't know how to properly treat animals....the same way that an animal doesn't understand how to properly respond to a young child!


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THERESA - posted on 06/01/2010




honestly no kids need to be around any tend to be rough with 7 year old was playing with a neighbor kid when they had a pitbull.they were throwing a ball in the yard when the dog attack my son slashed his eye wide open had to have eye surgery...

Elisabeth - posted on 06/01/2010




Firstly don't just assume because it's a pitbull that it's visous. Pit bull aren't even on the top 5 most dangerous dogs list - Jack Russles are no.1. I have two pits and two girls, I trust them to be with each other they love each other and I know those dogs would give their lives to protect my girls. BUT, you should never leave a child alone with any dog. you just never know. Would you let your child play alone on the street. Maybe all the drivers are careful but you just never know maybe they won't see your child. My two pits are safe around children, never shown any violence towards people, but I have warned my neighbour never let your children in my backyard unless I'm there. They may not be violent, but they are trained as guard dogs too.

Joy - posted on 06/01/2010




My mother's malamute wouldnt let me near my daughter when I was upset with her. She was a member of his pack and cubs are to be protected by pack members.

The GREATEST dog I EVER owned was a pit bull named Missy. When we were kids she killed a rattle snake that came into our play yard.

Our Pyreneeses let our kids just drop down on them and hug the snot out of them.

That being said my uncles dog turned on my 8 year old, who was just petting it, and took hr entire face into her mouth. I was 4 feet away at the time. She was never alone with this dog and when it realized I intended to stomp it to death it released my daughter immediately and she's fine. But I know a LOT of adults with facial scarring because grandma's little yapyap dog mauled them when they were little.

It boils down to how well YOU know these dogs. If they know ya'll but they dont consider ya'll part of their pack ....... Its different when the child lives with the dog.

Shelley - posted on 05/31/2010




no . no. no ! i would never allow my child around these animals, blah blah the owners always say my dog is sooo friendly.. yeah im sure he is..but if a baby got him in the eye with its finger or whatever at the end of the day its an animal and they are naturally vicious and hunt in packs.
i would NEVER leave my baby with such a potentially dangerous animal.End of story.
there are stories in the news all the time... 2 year old mauled to death by dog..if you paid me i wouldnt take the chance, would you let her play with a gun??


are you crazy????

Caina - posted on 05/27/2010




I had a pit that was the greatest dog ever. It does depend on how they are raised and treated. Just like any other dog you never leave a child unattened with a dog. The reason kids get bit is cause they look the dogs directly in the eyes and smile. When you smile you show your teeth and some dogs take that as a sign of aggression. My daughter is 4 and I never leave her unattended around anyone's dog not even my friend's 10 yr old lab who is gentle as can be.

Felicia - posted on 05/27/2010




thank u so much and my friends pit bulls are very laid back around her and they treat them good. but sometimes im just on the fence about it

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