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Hi I'm a single 22 year old mom of a 1 month old boy from Ontario Canada. I have been single since I was 5 months pregnant. The father decided that he did not want any part of my son, and I am going back to an old friend that I hope to be more one day, and so does he. The thing is he started asked a whole lot of questions about the father, and it made me feel weird. Another thing is that he want me to move to BC with him, and I don't think that I am ready for such a big change. I just had my son and I would love his father to be a part of his life, but only if he wanted to.
I do love this guy in BC and have for years now. I know it sounds wrong to love someone and go out with someone else , but we just live so far apart.
I just don't know what to do my heart says one thing and my mind says another. HELP!


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It's all about what's best for your bambino, trust your gut but think everything through carefully. You're absolutely right to want a family with BC guy but you're right a huge change like that shouldn't be made on a whim. First and foremost make your decision, pros/cons whatever you need to analyze to ensure this moving is the best choice. Then get everything resolved with the father, he has rights too don't forget. Then start putting plans together so if you move you can establish yourself without becoming dependant on BC guy. Support system, financial, the whole nine yards. I don't know if I'm helping at all I just know how important it is to take the time when making such a life changing decision. Best of luck with whatever you choose :) and congrats on your one month old.

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