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Kendra - posted on 10/16/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




i am a single mom to a 17 month old little boy and ahve been struggling with PPD since he was born. during my pregnancy i had prenatal depression and was put on depression meds. i was alone, scared, and felt like i didnt know what i was doing. Then when my son was born it got really really bad. i have been in therapy since he was 5 weeks old because i couldnt even care for him. now he is 17 months old and i am still having a very hard time. i cry constantly. i have a hard time just dealing day to day. sometimes i feel like i dont love him and i feel like i want to give him up for adoption. sometimes i find myself getting really angry and frustrated with him and i get edgy and snappy towards him. it also has alot to do with his father bailing on us before he was even born and me still having feelings for his father 2 years later and his father wantign nothing to do with us. sometimes i feel like i resent my child because of it and i feel hate towards him because of his father. i know its the PPD.. but really when will it end? therapy every week does nothing..


Genevieve - posted on 10/17/2011




I am a single mom of a 18 month old and although I have not experienced PPD. I recently found out I am pregnant again (there was a short period where were were recently trying to work things out, it just wasn't working). I have no feeling of excitement with my current pregnancy. I am struggling with getting over my ex and caring for my daughter. It's normal to get frustrated. No one is prefect. Maybe you can join a support group to be able to talk with other moms fighting PPD. Maybe try focusing on what you enjoy doing with your son. And try to make time for that so your son knows how much you do love him. When things have gotten bad in my life, It sounds silly but if you write out a little mission statement for yourself and put it on a mirror that you go to a few time a day. Something like "I am a strong a beautiful woman. I am a good mother. I love my son so much. My son and I deserve so much better and we will find happiness together." Everytime you see it. look at yourself in the mirror and say it like you mean it. Soon you will believe it. It's mind over matter. You have to convince your self. I feel for you. Hang in there!

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