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Jodi - posted on 05/01/2009




i not sure, i find it really hard, my son is 5 and a half and have just gone bck to work, so when i dont have him i am working a vise verser. to date with out having the children involved from day 1 is hard. i rely on my family alot in that regard for baby sitting but then i feel bad that im not spending that time with my son. very hard question

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Oh and another concern is time management... there usually comes a point where someone feels left out or like mommy is being taken away or she doesn't love me like she loves so and so. Once you get through that hurtle and explain the differences to your child it gets a lot easier. O.K. I'm done for real now, lol.

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Very carefully! No matter what age your kids are you will find that once you get past the point of casual dating and into the serious stuff it can be a very bumpy road. The kids get used to seeing this person around, asking for them when they aren't there. I've been with my fiance for a little over a year now but before we dated we knew each other as friends... working for the same company etc. I hung out with him as a friend with the girls way before anything started with us dating and I think my oldest daughter had already put two and two together before I did. I haden't even thought of him that way. Once you bring this person into your kids life there is a bond their so no matter what you want to make sure it's solid. Hope this helps.

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