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mahalia likes sleeping in her own room but i miss having her in her bassinet in mine does it get any easier??????? why do i miss her when she is only in the other room??????


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I know exactly how you feel! But I couldn't keep my little on out of my bed and she is now NINE and won't sleep in her own room/bed. Maybe give it a little longer, but definately get her in her own crib. Maybe put the crib in your room? Baby Steps :) Pun Intended

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I felt the same way at first!! I have my daughters crib in my room though... It is easier and better to have her there. She used to sleep in my bed with me. Now she is in her crib (for the most part). I don't think it is necessary to move her to the other room. You'll never feel 100% happy and secure.

Nyc - posted on 03/06/2009




Awww, it'll get better, but I'm only saying that because I still co-sleep with mine :)

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Make sure you have a baby monitor and you will still here all the little sounds she makes while sleeping.

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