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Should I bare bottom spank my 15 year old son ?


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[deleted account]

you people are making these kids fucked up in their head! do it in front of opposite sex???? they will learn to associate beating with woman, hate, & humiliation... wtf is wrong with you people!?

1st of all... IF you sick freaks are actually doing this to your ALMOST ADULT children... I hope to GOD the call the cops on you as NO ONE has the right to disrobe a child! I can't believe what I am reading.. no wonder our youth is off the fuckin charts with violence!!!!

I can't even stay in this group!

I have 2 adult children with 3 children of their own... I am not new to this... my last one is 12... I cannot even phathom the THOUGH of what you people are saying to do to do to their own children... i'm outta here. you people are going to raise royal dickheads...

[deleted account]

HELL NO !!!! 15 YO!?! would you pull your daughters pants off? that's HUMILIATING EMBARASSING DEGRADING... at 15...they shouldn't even be getting "spankings"... that's too old! at 15 I already had a daughter...

just taking your 15 yo kids pants down sounds disturbing...

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