struggling to cope with my 3 kids after dad walked out on us?

Sarah - posted on 04/13/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




im 23 with 3 children under 4 and im suffering from depression not helped by the fact my husband of 4 years walked out on me and my children in may last year not long afterwards i found out he had another child 1 month older than my youngest and that he has been seeing someone else for 4 months before he left. i am now in the middle of a divorce and the kids are seeing him twice a month at a contact centre because he was being threatening to me after i moved away from the area i was living. i just want to know if anyone has been through something simalar and if they could give me some advise as to help me get through this horrible time.


Karen - posted on 04/13/2009




Get all the financial help you can get. I know this sounds cliche' but forget him, he obviously forgot about you and what it would do to your kids. They only have you now and you are the constant in their lives. Unfortunately you have been put in a position to be both mom and dad. I have even hesitated to date because I don't want my kids to think they have to share my attention. Keep your chin up accept people's help and just get through one day at a time and get your child support through the court system. Don't let him woo you into this crap about not having any money....blah, blah, blah,,,, don't listen just remember that these children are his responsiblity and they deserve to have financial stability.......


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Elizabeth - posted on 04/13/2009




hiya im so sorry to hear this, im 27 got two boys 4 and 2 and am due in 4 days time, my x walked out on me when i was 2weeks preganant to be with someother girl hed been seeing since 2007, she is having his baby to, i feel totaly hurt by him, hes been so treating hes now got a injection against him ive tried to have contact at a centre for the children but he refuses saying he only wants a family with this girl. i cant belive he can hurt his children so much, im so worryied how ill be after this one is born, he says he wants nothing to do with her but i cant undersatand y he is like it. if he finished with his gf he want to know the boys, so ive had to put a end to it as its not fair on them him coming and going, times can be hard but u got to think of ur self and the children, if ur upset just take a look at them and a smile will make u happy, ive had many tears over the last few months, but i no for my children i will and am getting thourgh it, u will to, if u ever want to chat, message me x

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