Suggestions for making parenting time work in a 50/50 custody?

Shannon - posted on 08/20/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am wanting to find a different parenting time schedule such as one week on, one week off. Maybe switching on a Wednesday or another day. Any suggestions from those of you that have a successful 50/50 custody arrangement?

My ex-husband has been trying to get full custody of our two children for almost a year. We have been divorced since 2008. It's a long story but basically last year he started going for full custody after having 50/50 custody since we separated in 2006.He has taken me to court and the judge has required us to go through Mediation before we go to trial.

I am a very good mom and have proof of that but he has already been portraying me as this terrible mother. Unfortunately, the systems fails sometimes and all it takes is one parent making accusations for the system to think the accusations must be correct. He has some mental issues that I think are causing these crazy accusations and I would like to see him have a mental evaluation. I was with him for 14 years and even though he has not been offically diagnosed, I have known him for 20 years and have witnessed some strange behavior. Not sure if I can get that though.

Yes, we both have lawyers. I am hoping we can come to an agreement at Mediation so that things don't have to go to trial and get more expensive. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!



Barbara - posted on 08/23/2012




Hi Shannon,

I agree reaching an agreement in mediation would be ideal. It is possible to get psych testing ordered in a custody case. Testing for parenting skills can be done as well, usually through a questionnaire your child completes. Things like "Who is more likely to see that you get your homework done on time?" or "Who is more likely to provide you with warm meals on a regular basis."

My good friend had joint custody of her two girls at ages 8 and 9 I believe. They lived on the same block to make it convenient for the girls to go back and forth so they didn't need 2 sets of bicycles, etc. I believe it was 2 weeks at moms then 2 weeks at dads. They all seemed to like it well enough.

Good luck to you.


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