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I have a 4 year old daughter, I am a full time student, only 1 semester left. In the mean time, I have a child that has recently started acting like I never used the word no with her. She has had that awful melt down in the store. U know the 1 where every1 is staring @ you. Well I must say I am proud of myself. I just stood my ground, when I caught some1 staring I just simply said, some things are out of my control..... However, the past week or so, when she starts I tell her she can go to her room and scream all she wants, I just do not want to listen to it. That actually used to work well, now she screams and kicks the door, throws things and destroys her room in fits of rage. The worst part about all of this is that when she gets real worked up she screams that she wants her daddy, I have always told her in the past that it is ok 4 her to miss her daddy, he is her daddy. She is not going to use that as a tool to play me with though. I tell her I do not know how to get in touch with him. This is true as well, hes wanted in GA 4 violation of probation 4 drugs, and he is wanted where we live for child support. About 10 or 11 months ago, he dropped off like a dead fly, I must say 4 myself life has been pleasent without all his drama. However I do not know what else to do about these tantrums, I dont know what she could be so angry about.... Any Ideas on how to deal in this situation?????


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sounds like a difficult situation... pray, stand ur ground & do a lot of talking it will get thru...

all é best :-)

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