Tough Time Losing Baby Weight

Mary - posted on 01/28/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I had my daughter in April and I am having a tough time losing the weight. I work full time and then come home and take care of Brenna. Does anyone have any suggestions? How did other single moms lose the weight?


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Kelly - posted on 02/18/2009




i know how you feel! I didnt even realize how skinny i was before i got pregnant, now when i look in the mirror i look pretty skinny but when i try to put my clothes from when i wasnt pregnant on they dont fit at all they are all too small, i musta been really really skinny, ppl always told me i was really skinny but i didnt believe i do! and i really want to lose the weight, i barely ever eat because i dont have time to not because im trying to starve myself, and i still have a pudge! and my legs are really fat haha i dont know what to do either...and its cold here,  i live in south dakota so walks with the sroller...probably wont work

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Hi there. After I had my daughter, I made a vow to change my eating habits completely. I don't have diabetes, but I did pick up a diabetes cookbook and followed their meal suggestions. Basically, complete breakfast (1 piece toast, orange juice & coffee/tea/hotchocolate, yogurt, porridge or eggs), 1st Snack cup full of grapes, banana & bottle of water, complete lunch (bowl of chili, bottle of water, carrot sticks, 1/2 bun, fruit cup), 2nd Snack sweet peas, yogurt, apple juice, complete dinner and no snacks after dinner. 1 cup of tea or hot chocolate after Dinner.

Obviously, it's not the same every day but you can get the just of one day. I found that I was eating almost double to what I was consuming before. It was a little more expensive, but the weight falls off. My doctor even asked what I was doing because I was losing weight so quickly. After reading my meal plan, he apologized for saying whatever it is must be unhealthy.

The sugars balance out and the weirdest thing happens. I wanted to reward myself with a chocolate bar AND it seriously gave me NO DESIRE to eat anything from that department. It's very cool. Good Luck. Remember, a diet is only as good as what you eat.

There are food/meal plan charts under chart jungle. Here's some links for you:

1. 8 Glasses of Water Per Day

2. Meals & Snacks Chart

3. Weight Loss Chart

I wasn't able to exercise due to an autoimmune deficiency disease which took hold after my child's birth and I lost 30lbs in less than 3 months. I did walk in the pool less than 10x short width of pool and did stretches in the steam room. That's the extent of my cardio.

There are many more charts which will aid you greatly in the future at Chart Jungle. Take Care. God Bless. < xoxox

Corinne - posted on 01/29/2009




Go for daily walks (if you have a stroller), I took my daughter swimming with me (mom & tots thing they do here), watch what you eat....and I highly suggest the wii fit. lol.

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