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Ok so my questions is how do I get rid of a persistant fever ( I have the fever not my daughter) So I can take better care of her...All I wanna do is sleep, I need to get rid of this frecken fever....Im all she has and I cant be sleeping all day...................thx, crystal


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OK so I found out what I had when they had to hospitalize me... I had a severe case of pneumonia...and was having massive asthma attacks on top of that.....finally starting o feel bettter now....what a long 3 weeks it has been

Holly - posted on 03/12/2009




Yes a fever lasting longer than 24hrs should be checked by a doctor make sure you don't have a larger infection somewhere in your body you might not be aware of. Sepsis is a silent killer and a fever is always one of your body's  warning signals for something wrong and flu symptoms can be misdiagnosed and could be infection.

Stacey - posted on 03/12/2009




The fever probably isn't making you tired, it's probably because of whatever you have that's causing the fever....if you've had it more than a few days and its not getting better you should probably see a doctor. Otherwise, my favorite fever-reducer is Motrin. Hope you feel better soon.

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