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My son is 4 years old and I am a single mom living with my mom and I am having problems getting him to listen and at suppertime I have to sit there and tell him over and over to sit and eat my mom just gives up and wants to feed him herself. I want to teach him to be independant and I refuse to spank him because I feel if I resorted to that I would be spanking him alot and I dont want to parent like my mom I just want to get him to listen. What do I do?


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Cristina - posted on 02/23/2009




thank you so much I am going to try your plan I never thought of it that way. I cant imagine raiseing five kids my mother inlaw had six  from my late husband and my current bf came from a family of four and all raised by a single mom. My sons got me feeling like I have five kids at times lol

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Its very hard when there are two generations in one household. It is nice that you have support though. I dont have any. If it were me I woul develop a new tactic to get him to eat and tell my mom. Ask her to bear with you to see if it works. I have five children and have stuggled with eating issues with 2 of them. I dont claim to know everything, but heres what worked for me;

1. Suppertime had to be free of distractions; no tv, toys at the table, me on the phone, etc...

2. The snack before supper had to be at least 2 hours prior: no appetite if the snack was later

3. Avoiding conflict, so I didnt get frustrated: an example would be if my daughter was just refusing to eat, I would simply tell her"ok, but there will be no more drinks or snacks until you eat supper" I would let her leave the table and put her supper on the counter. I refused to plead with her, because she thought of it as a game. I would continue to eat my own calmly.

4. Make suppers together, let the child get things from fridge, pick what vegetable to have, etc

Be consistant, stick to the rules you decide on. This little guy knows that if he acts up enough, he is going to get to eat anyway,so.......

good luck1

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