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So here is how it is. My son's father filed for visitation las May. We started every other weekend visits starting at 5:30 on Friday to 5:30 on Sunday. These stated in September of 2010. Since then he has gotten a new job that requires him to work every Friday from 5-11 PM. So he was having his gf pick my son up. She was just recently arrested for assault on two different occasions. One is a class c felony and the other is a serious misdemeanor so now my lawyers have advised that she not be alone with my son therefore not being allowed to pick my son up. (we live 3 1/2 hours away so we always meet half way) Now my son's father is claiming he can't pick up my son because of his work schedule and my lawyer suggested him getting my son at 9 AM on Saturday and have him still back at 5:30 PM Sunday. I am super frustrated because he is now claiming I am taking his time away from his son... even thought he wouldn't have seen him until Saturday morning anyway.. So my question is what should I do about this? He went into this job KNOWING that he wouldn't be able to spend any Friday's with his son. Is it bad of me to suggest to him to switch shifts? He hasn't been working at this job very long only about 3-4 months... :( HELP!


Pr1ncesslissa86 - posted on 05/31/2012




I don't understand why he's so upset and accusing you of "taking away" his parenting time if he won't even be home till close to midnight Friday night anyways, which by then, your son will most likely be sleeping. Either way, I would just stick to the advice of your lawyer and if your ex doesn't agree, he has 3 choices and thats get a new shift/job, ditch his girlfriend, or take it to court and let a judge decide.

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