visiting centres are supposed to be for the parents why does he take his girlfriend and her kid when its meant to be him seeing them?

Sarah - posted on 04/23/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




it really frustrates me that my ex husband has only had one visit with my kids and he took his girlfriend and her kid with him the first time my kids are only young and this upset them. they wanted there dad to see them but connor my oldest felt second best to the other child i found this very upsetting and selfish he thinks my children should accept this new woman as there stepmum and the kid as there step brother he also has another kid with another woman and thinks they should see him aswell i think this all is inappropriate as he is not capable of having a long term relationship that is exclusive to one person the other child he has is a month oldeer than my youngest daughter and i feel that he will only hurt them more by confusing things i think that his visits should only be with him as it was sorted out that way through the solisitors. if anyone has been through a simalar situation feel free to let me know how you handled it.


Kel - posted on 04/23/2009




hi ya, not sure where abouts your from? but im in southend england and my children have to see there dad at a visiting/contact centre and it has to only be himself attend not his new parnter or his other children unless they have written consent from me first. i hope this helps you. kelly

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