Wanting half of my Child Tax Benefit!!

Ashley - posted on 09/12/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I left my ex about a month ago. He is an angry person, not there for me in any way and hasnt contributed to the household in 2 years. I have been very fair and wanting to work this out outside of court. I left the house to him with EVERYTHING in it. I got my own apartment (which i move into this week) completely furnished it on my own and bought everything new. I wont be even taking a spoon from the house. Since they have been born i have boughten the kids (we have 2) everything they need. Christmas and birthdays i have done on my own he has not even given me a cent towards any of their presents. I spoke to a lawyer when I first left him about getting sole custody but am still undecided whether i want to do that or not. I have the papers all filled out and ready to be served but still not sure as i agreed to joint custody with him. We set out a schedule (still not on paper) as to who will have the boys when. I feel like i have been extremely fair with him. I know he couldnt afford getting his own place as i work full time and he's still in school so thats why i decided to leave. His mother pays for everything for him. Even his cell phone bill (he's 25). My family/friends are there for me but can't afford to help financially. He had said to me last week that i am to start splitting half of my child tax credit with him or he will take me to court for it. I feel like i shouldnt have to as i am and pretty much have been doing this on my own since day one. I can understand if he helped out with buying them what they need but he hasnt! His mother buys him the diapers, wipes, groceries and clothes for the kids where as i buy all this on my own. He hasnt paid a cent in daycare fees since the kids started a year ago. He told me if i didnt start giving it to him he would take me to court for it which i have been avoiding since we first split. I am so confused as to what to do. Do i go for full custody and visitation rights or go back to the lawyer to get papers for joint custody but have in there i dont want him taking my child tax credit? I receive about 980 a month for both kids which i really do need. I know he has been speaking to a lawyer as he more or less told me. My family and i have a feeling he is up to something and is going to try and hurt me in every way possible. I know his mother and step father are behind this as well. I just dont know what to do?!?!


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Simone - posted on 09/12/2011




Make him get a Lawyer! If he really wants the kids make him work for it. 90% of men dish out threats but never follow through. And if he does and can proove he can be a parent good for him and good for your kids as then they know they have 2 parents that will go to the end of the world for them. But right now they have you and they know you are the main parent, or so it sounds like it. It is really, really hard, even with a bunch of money (his parents) for a man to get custody without being able to support himself first.

So again, claim your kids all the way and make him work for them, the courts willa ctually be in your favor and if he submits to the courts you will get a free lawyer.

Denikka - posted on 09/12/2011




Go for full custody. Guy sounds like an ass and doesn't need to be getting ANY money from you.
The only way he would really be able to get part of the kids benefits is if you're splitting time with him fairly evenly. That means that he has to take care of EVERYTHING half of the time. Equal shares in clothes, food, etc.
What's he going to do during tax season? Demand that you give him half your return too?? Or claim the kids as dependents?
That money is for the KIDS, and whoever is taking financial responsibility for those kids is the one who needs to be handling the money.

Were I in your situation, he'd get visitation (not even over nights) a day or two a week. He does not sound responsible at all.
Sounds like all this is is just a money grab and has nothing to do with the benefit of the children. Protecting your kids includes the financial aspect too :)
Good luck :)

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