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Faren - posted on 05/29/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am a single mother of 3. I play bth roles 95% of the time. I work full time and have a prn job. I start takin college courses in less thn 2 wks. I am exhausted and at times frustrated frm work alone, i cn jus imagine hw i'd feel once i attended classes. . I knw hve to work, bt i wana fnsh skool so bad. I have had lot of trials n tribulations tht i have encounter which pushed me away from achieving my goals,. Well, nw tht i am making the attempt 2 gt bck on track i want to stay there. Right now my will n ambition 2 continue my education i extremly high, if i dnt go now i may not go. Bt at the same time my children wont see me as much. What shud i do?


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Telika - posted on 05/30/2010




hey good job i'm in the same boat,but i'm going to let god giude me this is where your faith comes in handy,i'm a single mom of 4 i thank god they are all school age now,i tend to balance all well,bc i belive god has brought me a long long way,i may not be religious but i am spiritual,and i belive in the power of faith.
fear of the unknown is what keeps us worrying,i guarantee you when your kids see what you are doing they will pitch ina nd help,all it takes is scheduling and organizing,now is the time to hold those family meetings and let them know that there are gonna be some minor changes for a little while,when they see you accomplishing your goals trust they will support you unconditionally good luck and pray,pray,pray god didn't bring you this far to let you down

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If you budget carefully and get enough student aid you can make it work. I also crunched numbers and found that by working less I made things more affordable with things such as child care, food, etc through different welfare programs. They offer assistance with books and gas money as well--so I only need to work enough to pay things like rent/mortgage, bills (though I also get help with electric and heating costs), and other essentials. I made college my full-time job and work my part time job.

Deanna - posted on 05/30/2010





what do you do for a living again? maybe you should change jobs, lifestyle, down size, give you more time and less stress! try on online school...start your own business! make your own hours! thats what I did! I clean for a living(offices, houses...while they are at school) and online school phoenix schools! sold my car and bought one with no payment...down sized our living space...and am now looking into buying! My girlfriend said to me once (when I was in your place right now) suck it up baby make things happen...put family first! make as much time for your kids as you can...they are only little once! don't cut out kids...work more effectively! try melaleuca, tastefully simple, cookie lee jewelry, something to supplement! CLEAN! I make 20-30 dollars an hour one small office once a week $35 a visit (an hour of time) $150 a month for 4 hours! I can take my kids some times! think about ten office a week!...thats...$1500 a month...mix it up a bit! it's only temporary!


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