We've been back from our visit to the US for 2 weeks now and the jet lag is still bad. In fact, it seems worse rather than better. HOW can I get her back on German time??? Also, what's getting worse? She absolutely will not fall asleep without me being next to her. Help!


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Melony - posted on 02/17/2009




You know what hun, our girls go through so many stages and this is one of them, the only reaseon she wants you there is because you make her feel safe. I think you should treasure every moment, and maybe use it to your atvantage. maybe impliment a lullaby that she really likes. And hum or sing it to her till she falls asleep. This will become routine, and as soon as you start singing or humming she will go into sleepy mode. What I do with Meegan is to lay behind her and play with her hair, she loves it and falls asleep quick (if it's beddy by time) Good luck hun!

Allisa - posted on 02/14/2009




maybe rock her to sleep or hum/sing a song, my 12 month old daughter does the same when she is going threw a growth spirt.

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