What do you do when your kid is sick and really picky, but you have a million things to do?


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Alexis - posted on 03/26/2009




this is where we need to prioritise, of course the kids come first.... my son is epileptic and when he has a siezure it really throws the house into chaos... the washing can wait... and sometimes dinner can be take out for a couple of nights...

at the end of the day our kids only have us, and when they are sick they need us more than ever.....

enjoy a snuggle on the lounge watching a fav movie or lay in bed and read books... they will remember these times when they get older......

Debra - posted on 03/25/2009




bugga the house work..it'll still be there afterwards...work will just have to wait..we only have our kids for short time spend the time tending to them.no one ever looks back on their life and wishes they spent more time doing chores and errands.

Amber - posted on 03/23/2009




When my daughter is really sick, I take the nap time and right after she goes to bed to cook up some dishes that will last a few days, and clean the house.  I get all the dishes done, do some laundry and other things that will need to be done over the next few days.  This way I can maximize my time with her, taking care of and comforting her.  I notice the more one on one time she gets, the quicker she gets better.  Traditional Medicinals makes some cold care tea, and other kinds for various ailments that I brew up and mix with juice.  I just keep some made up in sippy cups in the fridge ready to go, or make popsicles out of them.  Good luck!

[deleted account]

Hi There, it sucks I know. But and ice pop and a fave movie on the couch with fave blankets and cuddly toys might buy you 30 minutes. A warm bubble bath and an early night depending on how old. My wee guy is 3.5 and just had his first ear infection. It was a trip to the emergency doc and no sleep for two days. I have no additional help either :-D Get them to bed as early as you can and do what you have to do then???

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