What Is Good To Drink For A 10 Month Old Baby? Beside Her Enfamil.


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Nicole - yup thats right thats cos the juice/milk sits on their teeth ALL night. Marshall only gets juice in the morning and his teeth get brushed straight away and milk at night and the same thing happens his teeth get brushed straight away. the rest of the day is water water water and his daycare is really impressed because he's the ONLY toddler in the room that will happily drink water all day and thats because i've never made juice or milk an option during the day its either "you can have water in the blue cup or you can have water in the green cup" either way its water

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water, or watered down juice. gerber makes juice for babies, no real milk till they are a year old

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I don't recommend juice for a baby its full of sugar and full of acid that will ruin already existing teeth and destroy those that haven't come through...not unless your wanting to brush their teeth after every time they drink it


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Nicole - posted on 03/30/2011




it also can be from milk and letting them go to bed with a bottle/sippy cup with milk and or juice stuff in there cups..so they say when you put them into bed not to give them a bottle when they go to bed and if so give give them something like water...in the bottle or sippy cup and it don't have to be a lot either they say...

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Katrina - its really not the sugar in juice that does the damage its the acid have you ever seen acid corrosion on teeth its nasty last time i went to the dentist there was a three year old with holes in his teeth very nasty stuff and it was all from juice

Katrinia - posted on 03/29/2011




The juice that shows the WIC label has no added sugar to it. Make sure you use a sippy cup though as putting it in a bottle is bad for their teeth. Also water and formula. This is the time to start giving your baby a sippy so they can be off their bottles by the first year. After your baby drinks his/her juice make sure you clean their teeth.

Trisha - posted on 03/28/2011




Formula, juice (only needs 4oz per day), water (not too much tho as the formula already has water in it). If you're giving him Juicy Juice, make sure and dilute it some.

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