when did life get so complicated??

Lian - posted on 04/01/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




i had my first daughter when i was young (19) but as soon as i got pregnant her father ran off and didn't want to know.

when she was 5 months old i met a really nice guy and went on to have more children. i had another girl who sadly passed away and then 2 boys. when my youngest was 1 me and their father split up and i've been on my own for the past 4 years

so now i'm raising 3 kids aged 10 (next week), 6 and 4. my daughter has always known that she has a different father to the boys because she is mixed race but the boys aren't but she calls the boys father dad because he raised her as his own

anyway, so last weekend i took my daughter out and bumped into her biological father who she didn't know and he took my phone number and was talking to her and stuff. it's her birthday next week and he's been asking her what she wants and has promised to buy her a phone

but now my other ex (father of the boys)is feeling a bit pushed out because he's always looked at my daughter as his own and now suddenly there's this other guy on the scene.


Angie - posted on 04/01/2009




Hi Lian!

its complicated if u let it b! ur daughter has the rite to be in contact with her natural fatther, her step dad will feel pushed out at the minute but he will get used to it, he sounds like a really gd guy and hes worried she will get hurt n as the father who raised her he will and does want 2 protect her and your daughter will always remember that! iHe doesnt av to stop bein there 4 ur daughter she can have both of them in her life! He will get used to it but 4 now hes scared of either losin her or her gettin hurt! Hope it works out 4 u all!

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