When should a father support the child? While the mother is pregnant or after the baby comes? I am pregnant and the father walked away. His friends say that there is no baby until it's born, but I am swimming in medical bills. Thoughts?


Chelsea - posted on 09/19/2012




Hey V. In an ideal world, the father should support the child during pregnancy but there is nothing to do legally until baby is born and paternity is established. His friends are wrong (and idiotic!) Yes, there's a baby in there even though it hasn't been born!! It's just that genetic testing and child support won't be done until after he is born -- but fetuses are protected by law at about 23 weeks in most states (abortion limit).

I spoke to many lawyers on the subject and they agree that once the baby is born, file for child support. It may take a few months to finalize and begin receiving payments but the father can be required to pay back-child support for your medical expenses during pregnancy.

If you are becoming strapped financially, look into your state-assisted health plans. They may cover all your expenses if you are pregnant and meet the requirements. If you receive assistance from the state, this will also come in handy when you file for child support because your case will take priority - they don't want to be covering your insurance if the father is able to provide adequate child support.

Every state is different so look into your options and do a few phone consultations with lawyers and health insurers, they've done a lot to provide me with information to steer me in the right direction for my situation. Hope this helps and good luck for you and precious baby!

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